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Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire

Ruby Sapphire, Red, Gold & Emerald version of the Pokemon is a fun and engaging game that is a must-have for Pokemon fans. The introduction of the Battle Frontier won it for this game. Looking back to Pokemon Ruby and Saphire – Emerald still draws from teh same formula and doesn’t have a whole lot of new material to offer. As everyone knows the Pokemon series on the GBA has good experiences with players. 

Comparing gameplay to Pokemon Ruby and Saphire your not going to find a whole lot of added gameplay but the little you recieve is enjoyable. For instance, you get to enter the battle tent which are pretty fun. Also you can catch some Pokemon from the Silver and Gold series which in my humble optinion was the best Pokemon game to date. In Emerald You can also catch both Kyoger and Groundon which is good news for those who don’t trade with others. 

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There are other minor things Game Freaks have changed but not a whole lot to satisfy players from the previos title. But on the other hand you should still check it out it can at least satisfy players until Diamond and Pearl come out for Nintendo DS.

Top GBA Games. 
New game rom downloads from emuvortex. 
1866 – Super Mario Bros – Hot Mario Campaign Version (J)
1865 – Banjo Pilot (U) 
1864 – The Legend of Zelda – The Minish Cap (U) 
1938 – Mario Golf Advance Tour (E)
1952 – Mario Party Advance (U)
1953 – LEGO Star Wars The Video Game (U) 
-> Pokemon Emerald 6.67 MB
-> Pokemon Ruby 4.78 MB 
-> Pokemon Sapphire 4.77 MB

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Latest Emuvortext GBA ROM releases. Game title, Country, Save Game type of the rom and size in Megabits.

1861 – American Tail, An – Fievel’s Gold Rush 

Location: USA Publisher: Conspiracy 
Release group: Trashman Save type: None Mbits: 32 
Language: English – Spanish DOWNLOAD

1862 – Land Before Time, The 

Location: USA Publisher: Conspiracy 
Release group: Trashman Save type: None Mbits: 32 
Language: English – Spanish DOWNLOAD

1863 – Strawberry Shortcake – Summertime Adventure 

Location: USA Publisher: Majesco Sales 
Release group: Trashman Save type: None Mbits: 32
Language: English DOWNOAD


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